Rawing on specific examples, assess the media s role in launching (or challenging) the  war on terror .


Drawing on specific examples, assess the media s role in launching (or challenging) the  war on terror .

The course name: Structure of Contemporary Political Communications.

Assessment Criteria:

1. Apart from the usual assessment criteria, see the relevant section in the program handbooks, this paper will be positively assessed according to
2. organization, structure and clarity of the argument for making the link between case and the broader theme above
3. depth of analysis and respect to the theoretical issues and literature covered
4. skill in integrating chosen case/case-study or illustrative examples into the more conceptual sections, and vice versa
5. the use and imaginative application of the course reading, and relevant texts from other courses, to your case-theme
6. the effective incorporation of various texts, audio-visual material, and other resources.
7. originality in argumentation, execution and use of primary sources (case material) with theoretical ones
8. referencing techniques  web-based and traditional print-based
9. ability to construct an argument and use examples within the word limit
10. ability to balance analysis with description; your own views with those of other authors
11. spelling, grammar (i.e. at least use the spell and grammar check before submitting), and flow

Tips and Warnings:

” Because this paper has a case-study element to it, please be aware that unacknowledged use of other sources will be severely penalised. This includes cutting and pasting, or copying from resources such as Wikipedia, other online encyclopaedia, or texts by other people. In this particular scholarly context in which we are working, copying or nearly copying someone else s work is NOT regarded as a sign of respect. If you re not sure what is meant here, please ask!
” A case-study or specific topic often means that you need to edit and tailor the material in order to have it make sense with respect to broader, more abstract or theoretical themes. In short, be aware of the balance between description and analysis; empirical material and conceptual frameworks.