Rawing on the Resources and Capabilities literature, how does your chosen firm (Coca-cola) generate sustainable competitive advantage?

The essay MUST be based on secondary sources, i.e. using newspapers, annual reports and annual reviews (available from the company website), analyst reports and journal articles rather than primary research which would involve actually talking to firms. You should of course ensure that you reference all sources.

Do not need to spend time defining each and every term that you use. Of course, where appropriate, you should use references.

The company is CoCa-Cola.

Demonstrate knowledge at theoretical are but applied to a company

Discuss how the firm creates competitive advantage from within this theoretical perspective

Base on VRIN model

Define competencies and how create this competencies from Resources, Value and Routine
Use 2nd source for company (company web, investor relations, annual report)

NOT use a SWOT, Five-Forces or PESTEL analysis

MUST develop an argument, answer question set, have table/figures within body (never put diagram before introduction), use evidence and have full referencing.

+ Intro about what will say about (may include author at key theories)
Main finding as your argument

+Body paragraph in logical order
Overview at core theory used (e.g define term competences, competitive advantages, set up core idea at Resource -based view)
Competence 1, 2, 3
Assessment of firm competitive advantages


Number of reference: 4-6 on theory and more on company.