Razing vs not grazing and its effect on desertification.

Tips on structuring outline:

I. Intro

a. Background to topic (why is this important, what are main scientific things to know)

b. Cite any facts & transition into thesis in own words

c. Thesis

i. Through evidence 1 and evidence 2, _thesis argument__ is supported.

ii. Avoid vague words like Effectsand Impactswhen stating a thesis. Also, please remember that a thesis is an ORIGINAL synthesis/argument that is supported by evidence. NO CITATIONS IN YOUR THESIS!!
Look for tips online to help formulate a strong thesis: .

II. Main evidence 1

a. Topic sentence: Main evidence 1 supports thesis argument.

b. Fact

i. Intro to fact in own words.

ii. Actual fact properly cited in-text (See syllabus pg. 2). REFUTE THESIS

d. End with broad, a?big picturea? thought.