RCHAEOLOGY: Applying typological concepts to a world you know well: the world you live in

Part A.
Pretend that you are sherlock Holmes entering an unknown house. Assume that you can obtain observations on any objects you might find in this household. What kind of objects (aside from papers, picture, books, and magazines) do you think would be most useful for determining:
1. The occupation of the household head?
2. The location of the household within contemporary political boundaries (between provinces/countires)? (Remeber that you are looking for objects that may be found in houses)
3. What religion the household belongs to?

Construct a list of three major attributes that you feel would be of the most value in creating 2 or the 4 typologies listed below. Try to use attributes that will create the maximum regolution(distinction) for each problem. Choose two problems from the foloowing four, and list the attributes you would use to construct:
1. a typology of twentieth-century automobiles that can be used to identify the time period that cars were built in
2. a typology of modern glass bottles that reflects their function
3. a typology of finger rings that refelct the relative wealth of individuals
4. a typology of footwear that reflects occupational specialization
In all the above, makesure that the reasoning behind your use of objects and attributes is clear.

Two thousand years from now the glaciers are advancing and the entire lower mainland has all but been abandoned. You are an archaeologist surveying the Lower Mainland.
1. Your job is to formulate a list of 13 different types of sites within a 100-mile radius of old Vancouver.
2. characterize the diversity of site types in the Lower Mainland. Do you think the diversity of site types has increaed or decreased from the Paleolithic to the present? Explain why you think this change might have occurred.
3. Finally, pick three specific sites from the examples you have used above, including Vancouver as one of your sites. Indicate practical reasons why you think each of these three sites is located where it is.