Rchitectural Development and Planning (2000 word Report)

Please find the task below and brief outline below that. Please note that both proposals need to be evaluated at the same time stating advantages and disadvantages.


Report should be word processed and of professional quality, of a target length of 2000 wordsA A which should be structured as follows :

Introduction outlining your approach and indicating the arguments you would use to justify you proposals to the City Council.

Evaluation of the two proposals, each proposal should be given equal weight.
Conclusion stating explicitly your selected proposal and summarising why you have made this choice

The task

To explore what the implications of this policy is for potential developers
and the City.

To prepare 2 options:

1. Commercial.A A offices in accordance with the Core Strategy currently under consultationA a? To consider the scale of development in relation to the surrounding area, its impact and site requirements in terms of car parking etc.

2. Student Apartments for rent a in accordance with a generic policy to encourage city living.

The TWO proposals are to be evaluated in the following terms:

What arguments would you use to try to persuade the Planning Committee to accept your proposal?

What are the benefits and constraints acting on the developer?

What are the benefits to local businesses and residents a are there any aspects which they may use to oppose your proposal?
A A 
What implications might there be for the contractor in the proposal? a the developer may or may not be a design and build organisation, but the contracting arm will have a view.

Land value a what price would you, the developer, be prepared to pay for the site?A A The valuation needs to be backed up by a residual site valuation.


The task is to evaluate different development options for a site in terms of the site value and planning design criteria.A Currently the planning situation is in flux while the Government implements its new approach to planning.

Summary of current Planning situation
The city centre remains the focus for regeneration. The Council is currently
considering an application for the comprehensive redevelopment of the Southern half of the principle shopping area The Northern half is likely to follow in future years. The site lies within the High Street Conservation area.

With the lack of any direct planning guidance the brief has been prepared on the basis that the CCA still reflects City Council thinking, but you approach this on the basis that the City Council will be open to any viable proposals. Current planning documents can be viewed at: