Rchitectural History: The Architecture of Hogwarts

Students are required to work on a short term paper on the critical reading and evaluation of the arts and architecture of the ancient and/or medieval world in popular imagination and media. Each student is responsible to choose a topic approved by the instructor. Essays should include visual material; photographs, maps, images, drawings of architectural edifices as represented in the popular imagination and media. Papers should try to find, figure out and argue for ways of mis/representation of history of arts and architecture in popular imagination and different media.

a? 4-5 pages of text content (not including bibliography and title page), double spaced, Times New Roman font, standard 1 inch margins.
a? Images should be included but will not count towards the number of pages.
a? Final bibliography should include 3-5 sources, 3 of which are not webpages but rather traditional sources from journals, books or articles. JStor and other online databases are acceptable sources.

Topic: The Architecture of Hogwarts based on the Harry Potter series. Scenes shot at universities like Oxford. Since its not a real building, it will allow exploration why such architecture was used for such a school setting. Try to find where many of the scenes were shot and consider why those locations were chosen (like Oxford University).