Rchitectural Theory and Criticism of Frank O Gehrys Guggenheim

Write a critical essay on a recently completed building, (since 1985) utilising two of the interpretive strategies (theoretical positions) outlined in the lectures. You should compare alternative interpretations and decide which provides the most useful, appropriate and sophisticated understanding of your chosen building. You should also provide some explanation of (and historical background to) the interpretive strategies adopted.

(Frank O. Gehrys Guggenheim makes for an interesting choice however if you feel there may be a better example to use which can be used to discuss the strategeies more susccessfully please feel free to use this example instead)
Make use of references and recommended readings and own research.

Essential reading: Building Ideas: An Introduction to Architectural Theory  Jonathan A. Hale Academy Editions/ John Wiley and Sons 2000

Breakdown of interpretive strategies
The building as a Useful Device Architecture as Engineering
The Building as a Useless Object Architecture as Fine Art
The return of the Body Phenomenology in architecture
Systems of Communication Structuralism and Semiotics
Politics in Architecture Marxism and User Participation

Recommended reading: Rethinking Architecture edited by Neil Leach, Routledge 1997
Modern Architecture: A Criticial History Kenneth Frampton, Thames & Hudson 1992

A bibliography of between 10 and 20 items, including (but not restricted to) websites, where relevant. Essay requirements are to write between 3000 and 3500 words.