Rchitecture in the Arab and Islamic world

Write a reading response

Added on 02.01.2015 09:09
Write a reading response based on the readings that I will provide.
Each reading should have a separate reading response.
The response should be about 75 words for each. It should be written in the format of a questions or a comments not a summary of the reading. It should reflect the understanding of the readings, by criticize, question or attempt an answer to the issues raised or material covered. The response should consist of 1-2 questions or comments.

The Course Description:
The course investigates the transformation of architecture in the Arab and Islamic worlds over the last century by examining how inherited forms were borrowed, appropriated or rejected in light of new sociopolitical realities. It explores the difference between indigenous understandings of architecture vis-a -vis a classical or modern Western paradigm. It reviews the heritage of the larger Islamic world; engages a series of case studies from the Arab world, each representing a distinct theme or phase in the development of architecture in various national contexts; and concludes with an appraisal of recent buildings in the UAE.