Rchitecture sustainability in the prison

The purpose on developing this work is to establish with an emphasis and create an argument of the sustainability of the prison systems, is to understand and make people to understand that locking more and more people up, is a sensible way of spending public money.
By introducing greening to the prison service, we will be working together with ecology and the Society.
Going green it is more than just a matter of setting inmates to work digging wildlife ponds up against the perimeter fence. Not those prisoners do not dig out ponds, and provide labor on a range of other biodiversity schemes.
But forget the image of the chain gang  there is no place for that in today s more enlightened penal system. In fact these are the kind of work options that generally prove pretty popular. In most cases the results are something from which inmates get value too. This is not all about nature and conservation stuff: Environmental projects range from renewable to waste reduction, and the social dimension element of sustainability should be uppermost in the mind when prisons are evolved in run schemes involving work in the local community.