Rchitecture thesis A house / a hidden space within house: reflection and perspective viewing

This article will contained abstraction and construction of architecture, exploring new spatial unit
This article will be analysis with experiments and related to historical background.
My final experiments still in process will send you more information and photo later.

” Identification, investigation and communication of a specific area of architectural interest.
” Development of skills in reading, research and writing.
” Development of research as a creative, critical and inventive activity.
” The role of history, theory, criticism and science and technology in architectural discourse.
” Augmentation of their design practice with informed knowledge of technical, historical and
theoretical issues.

Thesis must be accompanied by an  Abstract . This should be no longer than 500 words and
on its own sheet of paper, inserted into the front of the Diploma Thesis.
The  Abstract should describe:
the research subject
the research questions addressed
the research context
the content and form of the Diploma Thesis
Assessment Criteria:
All students must demonstrate the learning outcomes described in  Aims, Objectives and Learning
Outcome (above) in order to pass the module. In addition, the following assessment criteria are used to
award marks.
1. Definition of subject matter and identification of research questions.
2. Evidence of relevant sources and contexts.
3. Development and use of appropriate research methods (e.g. iterative or reflective skills).
4. Development a coherent argument.
5. Development of a critical and/or imaginative synthesis of research in an appropriate material and
formal presentation that informs the design portfolio.
1Hans Holbein s painting: The ambassadors
2Ways if Seeing (John Berger. London: Penguin, 1977)

Writer can provide more references