Rchitecture, Women and History in Saudi Arabia

Dear Sir,
This is aresearch proposal. here are the subject and aim to guide the proposal.

1) I am trying to do read the architecture of the two sky scrapers in Saudi Arabia.The two bulidings are called Alfaisalia and Almamlaka. Here are some facts:
A) the two buildings are imports from Europe (you can check how they look on the net). They were selected by males.
B) the two bulidings are given female gendered names.
c) the are perceived by the public as huge tooth pick and a can oppener–Hegel can be useful here.
D) they are positions facing each other in the city of Riyadh–capitol of Saudi Arabia.
My project needs to follow the following guidlines:
1) historicising gender and the culture to include the Middle East (saudi Arabia) using Gender theory, Hegel…etc
2) the architecture of the two buildings is a register of women (the way they dress) in the past (alfaisalia) with its smaller size, iron and symetrical shape (protected, made ugly and making the body unconcious of its sexuality). there is a ball on top–standing for the head and the intellectual and on top of the head is a diamond shap towards the sky (heaven?)
3) Almamlakah on the other hand is bigger. reflecting the rays of the son during the day and glittering at night with lights and also it is smooth. no head. and the beautiful dress shows much of the chest area. the area is a vshape. A possible link wih Da Vincci Code–symbol of women in history. This one is the present and a prediction of the future of women. It is also a discovery of sexuality and its power as contrasted by alfaisalia where women–intellectual –but minimal.

if you need any more guidlines, please write before you start. Thanks