Rd order Assignment one Developing the professional”

hi there

i will place three orders for the same assignment Ive placed already two assignments and one left so i want three different writers coz we are three students in a master level so each student will have one assignment with different formart..

we are in a master level no time for excusing WE WANT GOOD JOB as WE ARE!!!!!! THEE customers in one account.

ive sent an example of previous assignment done by a friend of mine i want to writer better than that,
ive sent already the instructions.

use the assignment as a reference to not confused
i sent also the details of the requirements in the word office.

please note that we would like to get a good job without any confusions or mismatch.

the assignment examplethat im going to send has 3406 with the questionnaire that already will be sent so in reality i believe that the number of the pages are not accurate 100% i believe the writer will write less because of the schedule and questionnaire.

many thanks in advance