Re adults with DM more likely to be overweight than those without DM?

To complete the literature search and write the paper, the student will follow these steps:

1. Develop a question or problem statement related to a nursing issue that is of interest to you. State your question as a researchable question or problem. This must be uniquely your own; do not use a question identified by another student or one from your textbook. Using the PICO (Population, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome) format as a researchable problem.

2. Conduct a computer literature search, using CINAHL (Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature) or other appropriate databases.

3. Identify 10 research articles from nursing journals that answer the question or provide information about the problem you identified. Articles should be published within the past 5 years.

4. Enclose one research article (one out of the ten above) that you believe provides the best information about your question or problem. You will be including information in the body of your paper about this article and why you felt it best provided information about your question/problem.

5. Submit the following information by the due date:

A. Title page in APA format, and one or two pages containing (a) your question or problem statement, (b) the search methods and search terms utilized include the search engines, (c) details of the results, with specific examples of the number of articles you found and any changes you made in your search to acquire more or less data, (d) details of the one article that you felt best addressed your identified problem/question, and (e) your reference list of 10 articles, formatted in APA style, & double spaced. The entire paper must be in APA format papers not in APA format will not be accepted. Do not include an abstract.