Re American students grossly unprepared for college?

Write a paper (1a? margins, 12 point standard font, double-spaced,that br /
addresses the following questions: br /
1. Summary of the news story br /
2. Summary of the research question from the study br /
a. What questions are the researchers trying to answer? br /
b. What is the target population of this study? Whom will the authors draw conclusions about? br /
c. Who is the sample in the study? br /
d. Is the sample representative of the target population? Why or why not? br /
3. What are the explanatory and response variable(s) of the study br /
4. A summary of the conclusion of the study br /
a. What did the researcher find? br /
b. Is the summary a logical conclusion to their research? Is it a valid conclusion based on the study design? br /
c. Who can use these results and what can they do with them? br /
5. What statistical analyses were used to draw these conclusions? br /
6. Is this a good study? What are its strengths and weaknesses? br /
7. How does the news story differ from the journal article? In what ways, if any, does the news story br /
misrepresent the journal article? Does the news story leave anything out? br /
8. How accurately does the news story title reflect the findings of the study? br /
9. If you could change one sentence in the news story, which sentence would you change, how would you br /
change it, and what are your reasons for changing it? br /
10. If you could add one paragraph to the news story to give more information about the study, what would you br /
say? Explain your reasons for choosing the information you did. br /
br /
Here, i have attached the article and study on which you will write the paper:br /
br /
Articlebr /
03/17/are-american-students-grossly-unprepared-for-college/br /
br /
Studybr /
file:///C:/Users/Cassi%20Lou/Downloads/study%20(1).pdfbr /
br /
Please, let me know if the article and study did not send properly.