Re Americans Getting Over On Our Welfare System

You are required to write a short term paper designed to expand your knowledge in one area relative to Public Administration. The subject of this research of one of your selection based upon the information addressed in class. Select an issue or topics illustrated in the text that interests you, and then narrow the topic to one that can be discussed in your limited number of pages without being too broad and vague.

Your paper should explain your research question, how you researched that question, what information you found, and what analysis of that information you did to draw a conclusion pertaining to your question.

The paper will be completed in three assignments as indicated in the grading grid below. Each part of the assignment has a specific due date; any late submissions will lose points. The professor must approve your topic before you delve too deep into research, so it is very important that you complete your first assignment in a timely manner.

You must use your textbook as a reference as well as additional information as indicated in the reference list below. Insure that your references are solid academic reference and not just arbitrary web sites with unsubstantiated information.

Your paper will need to be at least five and not more than seven complete pages in length, not including the title page and reference list. All references displayed in the reference list must be cited at least once in the paper using proper in-text citations. The paper and references should be written using the APA style of writing (see module on APA style for assistance), with 1a? margins, double-spaced, and a 12 pt font. No abstract or authors note is needed for this assignment.