Re certain democratic institutions more or less democratic than others?

I want you to narrow this down to legislative institutions. So the essay would compare how democratic/undemocratic are the legislative systems of 2 countries. The countries I want you to concentrate on are Russia and Norway. I want you to compare and contrast their legislative systems in terms of 3 characteristics: social representation(number of women,ethnic and religious minorities in the legislature), election(how much say do the people have in who represents them in the legislature, how free,competitive and fair the elections are, how well-suited the electoral systems are to democracy{you can really choose one of those to analyse throughout in a paragraph, i am just giving a guide}) and how restrained is the legislature(to what extent other institutions within the government prevent overpowerment/corruption). If my ideas seem absolutely crap, i trust you to think of something yourself, as long as it is well narrowed down to the legislature . This whole paper should analyse and compare both institutions and come up to an conclusion which and why is more democratic, by simply looking at the definitions of democracy. Thank you and good luck.