Re Consumers of Popular Culture Passive?

Each blog entry should be around 200 words (ie approximately 3/4 of a page). For each week there will be specific questions (a?blog tasksa?) that you will be asked to respond to. These can be found under the a?readings and blog tasksa? links in the online schedule within Moodle.


In your journal think about some of the ideas explored in the article by John Fiske. To what extent to you think consumers of popular culture (and merchandise) are passive? To what extent to you think we have some control or say in how our popular culture manifests itself, whether on the screen or on the shopping mall.

Please note that you must use your own words in the blog entries. In other words, do not just copy-and-paste bits from the readings into your blog! If you do quote a short passage, make sure to cite it.


The blogs will be graded according the following scale:

Fail (0-5/10): the basic elements of the assignment have not been met and there is little evidence to indicate that you are reading and understanding the material.
Pass (7/10): the basic elements of the assignment have been met and the blog material demonstrates that you are engaged with the material in a consistent and informed manner.
Pass with Distinction (9 or 10/10): This category is reserved for students who exceed the basic requirements by a large margin, offering high levels of analysis and commentary. This may mean that the word count of the blogs will exceed the minimum requirements. That said a long blog is not necessarily a great blog.

Writing Style

Since the blogs are intended to help you review the material and engage with the various ideas and theories in a more personal and individual manner, your writing can be more informal than what is usually expected for an academic essay. That said, please write in complete sentences, avoid bullet points and take the time to make your self understood.

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING READING BELOW (chapter 16) to answer the question.

John Fiske. a?The Popular Economy.a? Television Culture. London: Routledge,. E-book resource available directly from the York U Library. Please read chapter 16 a?The Conclusion: The Popular Economy.a? docDetail.action?docID10305735