Re E-cigarettes healthier than normal cigarettes?

Approximate outline for the research paper

Are E-cigarettes healthier than normal cigarettes?
I. What are E-cigarettes?
A. The history of E-cigarettes
B. How and when did they become popular
C. A detailed description of E-cigarettes
D. Thesis: E-cigarettes are getting popular now, and they are healthier than conventional cigarettes. However, there are also drawbacks in using them.
II. Positive Aspects of E-cigarettes
A. E-cigarettes deliver lower levels of toxins
1. Compared to conventional cigarettes, E-cigarettes contain less harmful chemicals
2. Reduces the risk of passive smoking
B. E-cigarettes pollute less than conventional cigarettes
1. Releases water vapor
2. You do not need a lighter or match to light it up, it is a safer alternative
C. E-cigarettes have a less unpleasant smell
D. E-cigarettes provide the same experience as conventional cigarettes
1. Users inhale and see light and vapor
E. An E-cigarette is a cheaper option
1. The starter kit might be a little bit more expensive, but it is cheaper in the long run
III. Negative aspects of E-cigarettes
A. With the availability of E-cigarettes, kids have more means to get a hand on them
1. There is no age limit for buying the device
2. Might become a gateway for children or teenagers to smoking
3. Many kids are getting E-cigarettes with candy flavor. For example, cherry, cookies and cream, and vanilla
B. Even though E-cigarettes are healthier than conventional cigarettes, they still contain some level of harmful chemicals
C. Laws regulating conventional cigarettes do not apply to E-cigarettes
1. E-cigarettes can be used in places where smoking is prohibited
2. They are easy to attain
D. No exact studies proved that E-cigarettes can help to quit smoking
E. The taste of E-cigarettes is different from conventional cigarettes
IV. Solution
A. Regulation by government or a related organization
1. Impose an age limit and taxes on E-cigarettes
2. Better Labeling and packaging
3. Food and Drug administration should bring enforcement action
B. Education
1. Through media or advertisement
V. Conclusion
A. Restate the pros and cons.
B. Restate the solution. However, government needs to step up