Re emotion and reason equally necessary in justifying moral decisions?

Hello, this is an TOK IB essay. Please develop the question from as many different perspektives as you can. You should argue the question from both points of you and please do use a lot of sources.

this is the criteria, please follow it accurately:

A. understaning knowledge issues.
The essay should constantly maintain as its knowledge issues that are relevant to the prescribed title. Effective links and comparisons between areas of knowlegde and ways of knowing should also be elaborated, so that the essay demonstrates a sophisticated understanding of the knowedge issues under consideration.

B.knowers perspective
The essay shows much evidence of independent thinking about the knowledge issues related to the prescribed title. The student has shaped the essay in a way that shows both a personal, reflective exploration of the knowledge issues and significant self-awareness as a knower. There is serious consideration of different perspectives. Example chosen should be vried and effectively used.

C.Quality of analysis of knowledge issues
The inquiry explores with a high degree of insight in considerble depth nd or detail. All m ain points shoild be justified and arguments are coherent and compelling. Counterclaims should be explored and evaluated. Implications nd underlying assumptions of the essays argument are identified.

D.Organisation of ideas.
The essay on the prescribed title is very well structured with an effective overall organisation. Concepts are used clearly and, where appropriate, refined by helpful explanations. Factual information used to support argument is correct. Sources of information and ideas are acknowedged, all refencing permits tracing of sources. The word limit is 1600 should be met.