Re employees morally obligated to report their employers if their products are harmful to the public?

This assignment will give you the opportunity to examine an ethical controversy related to your program and use the ethical theories you have been studying this semester to help guide your moral reasoning.

Your task is to: 1) choose one of the ethical questions from the list provided on LA©a; 2) discuss the various positions one may take on the issue, and then, 3) using at least two of the ethical theories from Rachelsa Elements of Moral Philosophy, take a stand on the issue by advancing a persuasive and coherent ethical argument on the subject. In other words, you should use the moral reasoning skills you have been developing this semester to determine the moral choice or the moral course of action.

Essay Format:
a? Introduction: Identify the ethical question you will be exploring in your essay, explain your interest in the controversy and why it might be an important one for people in your field. (Yes, you may use a?Ia? in this essay). Briefly explain the various stances people take on the issue and then include a thesis statement that succinctly states the stance you will be advocating.
a? Overview of the Issue: The first body paragraph should be informative. Use this space to explain what the controversy is. Define any necessary terms, offer any relevant facts and provide any historical background needed to help your reader understand the issue better. (Do not devote more than 300 words to this section).
a? Explain the Ethical Debate: The second body paragraph (and possibly third) should lay out the different stances people take on the issue. Explain what reasons they offer for their points-of-view and analyze what moral principles/approaches they use in their arguments.
a? Weigh in on the Debate: The third body paragraph (or fourth if you decide to use two paragraphs for the previous section) should be argumentative. This is where you offer your reasoning on the subject. Explain what stance you take on the issue, and then support and defend your stance using at least two theories from Rachels. There is no right or wrong answer here: just stronger or weaker arguments. So this is where your understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the different theories will help. (Feel free to devote more than one paragraph to this section, if necessary.)
a? Conclusion: Sum up the main points in your essay without repeating yourself. If relevant, reflect on any new insights you may have about your profession as a result of this assignment.

Quotations and Word Count:

Include a word count at the end of your essay. Quotations are included in the word count, however the quotations should not add up to more than 15% of total word count. Strive to find that perfect balance between using quotations to bolster and support your points, while not letting them to speak for you or overpower your voice.