Produce a high quality, research orientated Masters level dissertation on the topic  ARE FAMILY OWNED BUSINESSES IN INDIA DISINTERGRATING ?

The dissertation must include an appropriate conceptual framework addressing the above topic; Critical understanding of the research question & methodology; Extensive empirical work; Literature review; Discussion and Conclusion of the argument stated in a well structured form in no more than 8500-9500 words.

The core issue of this dissertation is to analyze, if Family Owned Businesses in India are disintegrating.

To understand the Indian Family business environment, I have short-listed the following firms:

1. Reliance: Ambani s
2. Dabur: Burman s
3. Bajaj Industries: Bajaj s
4. Hero Cycles: Munjal s
5. Jindal Industries: Jindal s

You are required to do a literature review of relevant articles; books etc. and create a check-list that will clearly bring out the reasons for this disintegration.

Also, bring out literature that suggests why after achieving a particular degree of success family businesses tend to disintegrate; factors influencing this process. I will keep on providing you with information for these firms; in any case, you should go ahead with the dissertation.

However, if you have other relevant data for other firms you could please go ahead and use to that as well. You could also refer to any case-studies related to Family Owned businesses in India or any where in the world, which would help develop the check-list and the literature review.

We have formulated a series of questions, which I will attach and send to you. I am trying to get interviews with the above named firms, to get information based on these questions.

The questions intend to find out:

1. How many successions the firm(s) has had?
2. Are the family members able to communicate effectively, within the firm?
3. Is there an effective system in place to resolve conflicts between family members?
4. Can the firm attract and maintain non-family managers?

You are required to create the check-list and literature review around these issues.

However, I am sending you a model dissertation, which you could refer to until we send you more information.

After the literature, there has to be a section on research methodology, followed by analysis of the research; and then finally the conclusion.

1) The key components of the dissertation comprise of the following:


” The introduction sets out the topic under consideration and highlights why it is of interest.

” The section also provides a description of how the topic fills gap in the literature, and what specific research questions are to be addressed.

” Finally, it briefly outlines the section structure for the remainder of the study.

Literature review

” You need to contextualise the problem within the specific literature. From this should emerge a gap or conflict in the literature that can form the basis for your research question. Expected to be critical in nature, it concluded with an indication of what the present study purports to add to extant literature

Conceptual framework

” Whatever topic you choose, there must be a section that describes the conceptual framework chosen. You should justify your choice (with reference to the problem) and show how you will operationalise the framework.

Research Methodology & Empirical work

” Here you should describe and justify the research methodology and the design for empirical work (e.g. for interviews: Which (type of) organizations? Which people? Which interview themes?)

” This section also evaluates choice of research methods, issues of sample selection, process of data collection & techniques of analysis.

Results & Analysis

” This section outlines the findings of the study. Key results are related to the propositions set out in Conceptual Framework section, & is interpreted in the light of the literature review. This is followed by a critical discussion & evaluation of results.

1) Discussion  Expectations & Risks

” What do you expect to emerge from the research? What are the risks (of the research going wrong)? In a sense, these are the strengths and weaknesses of the combination of theory, context, and research design chosen.


” Recommendations.
” Emerging trends.
” Future Research.
” Evaluation of the Framework Used.
” Limitations of the Study.


1) The essay should follow the marking scheme as mentioned above.
2) There should be 250-350 words Abstract at the beginning of the dissertation.
3) A clearly defined table of contents is necessary with each main section clearly shown and each sub-section of the main also clearly shown.
4) The style of the essay should contain all the necessary topics covered above.
5) There should be no more than 40 references in the essay.
6) All quotations should be clearly referenced.
7) All footnotes must be clearly referenced.
8) The bibliography should be very well referenced in alphabetical order in Harvard Style.
9) Font Times New Roman , Size 12 & Line spacing is  2.0 .
10) The dissertation must be completely justified.
11) The appendices must contain all the necessary facts & figures required for dissertation.
12) The essay needs to be checked thoroughly for  plagiarism .