Re Football Superstar Paid Too Much? The Case of Italian Football League –

Please read my draft as a starting point, I have tried to explain my method as much as I can. Please include Economic theory because the reason of using each variable and literature that had used the variables and seen the significant of the inclusion. Please feels free to change thing as you wish. I also have attach my data for this study in excel form and the state result for linear regression and quantile as well. If you need further data on anything please let me know. My 2 main studies that I have followed were Lucifora and Simmons 2003 and Franck 2005. Let me know if you need extra time.

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Re Football Superstar Paid Too Much? The Case of Italian Football League -“.

Here is the structure of the chapter that I prefer, feel free to adapt or change anything. I have written a full detail draft I will attached please read before. I also attach the regression result in table form separately . There is four main paper need to be discussed in this part I will also provide this for you.

4.1 Identification Strategy -why ols or LAD doesni??t work ?

-Potential Outlier problem, potential correlation , other probelm

4.3.1Compare the result to -Lucifora-
4.3.2Compare the result to related previous study
Franck 2005, Garcia-del-Barrio and Pujol (2004) Lehmann and Schulze (2007)

4.4 DISCUSSION i??what else could effects the result?
4.4.1 Internal effect
4.4.2External effect

4.5 Overall Conclusion