Re formula fed Babies grow up with different health problems compare to breast fed babies?

2. This Assignment is a summary of five (5) research or evidence-based practice articles on your topic
3. DIRECTIONS for Annotated bibliography
This will be an evaluative annotated bibliography.
1) Begin by writing an introduction to your topic.
2) Write a concise annotation that summarizes each research article. Assess strengths and weaknesses of the study and study design or method. For each citation, include the following
(a) Evaluate the authority or background of the author(s)/researchers(s),
(b) Identify the TYPE of research that was done.
(c) Describe the method (beyond qualitative or quantitative) used for the research
(d) Describe the results of the research study
(e) Explain (one sentence) how this work illuminates your a?focused clinical questiona? or topic.

3) When you have completed all of your annotations, write a conclusion and an abstract for the paper. The conclusion should include evidence of comparing and contrasting sources