Re gender roles positive, negative, both, or neutral?

Your journal should have an intro with a thesis, a conclusion that sums up, and 2 body paragraphs. Each body paragraph should have evidence or a quote in CQE format. One body paragraph should refer something you have read in our class or Prof. Peters and the other should be about your life experience. Please get an article from a reliable resource to back up your thesis statement. You may use Google or the Library Database. If you use the Database, the best sources are CQ Researcher, Opposing Veiwpoints or ProQuest. Keep in mind that when using Google your source should end in .edu or .org. If their is no author, I wouldnt use it! Please also stick to scholarly journals!! They are more creditable:))))

and I am a international student, could you just use your normal level, dont make it look too well, and just write with your own idea, ignore the professor perters article.thank you !!!