Re genetically modified crops more harmful than beneficial to the environment?

2) Introduction a No more than 150 words. This is your opportunity to explain clearly and concisely what your topic is and why it is important.
3) Discussion a The discussion will consist of four sentences, each summarizing the information found in one of four different information sources. Each summary sentence should provide an answer to the question posed in your title and should be preceded with a one-word response (e.g., yes, no, sometimes, maybe, never, etc.)
Use appropriate sources of information:
i · All four sources must be from the scientific literature (journals, conference proceedings, books, dissertations, theses, etc.).
i · Two sources must be from primary scientific literature (i.e., research papers). As a good rule of thumb, if it has a materials and methods section, it is primary literature.
4) Conclusion a No more than 100 words. Use the conclusion to tie your discussion statements together. Do not introduce new information in the conclusion. Make sure that you have answered the question posed in the title.