Re historians criticisms of Lawrence Stones three-phase model of the English family justified?

Unit title is the family in pre industrial society,
essay should be based on british society between 1500 to 1800 only.

Primary books used in essay
1)stone,l, the family, sex and marriage in england, 1500 1800
2)stone,l, past and present

Books which i want used in essay if they contain valauable information
1)wrigley,e and schofield,r, the population history of england and wales 1541 1871
2)laslett,p, the world we have lost
3)abbot,m, family ties: english families 1540 1920
4)mendelson,s and crawford,p, women in early modern england

Assignment criteria for a 2.1 grade is
-consistently relevant to the question
-analysis rather than mere description
-sense of context
-reference to relevant literature
-some theoretical underpinning
-contextualisation expected

essay should include a selection historians who either agreed or disagreed with stones 3 phase model and why
Use harvard model of referencing