Re hybrid cars better for the environment? (Note-you need to define Better”)

BI-111 Biology Writing Assignment:
Topic (question): Are Hybrid Cars better for the environment? (Note-you need to define  better ).


1) A detailed introduction about the topic (start introducing and giving some good valuable ideas to the reader regarding your topic) (minimum 2 paragraphs; or more)

2) Evidence for  yes response to the question. (you need to define better) (minimum 3 or more paragraphs)

Note that you only have to do what is in step 1 and 2. NO CONCLUSION has to be done neither the evidence for  no response to the question.


*NOTE: The only allowable references are scientific journals and government reports. You should have at least 10 references. (15 is recommended as the more references there is the more valuable and accurate your work is)

*** References must be in APA format and must be displayed in the text of your piece (essay) as imbedded numbers.

****** >>>>THIS PAPER NEEDS TO BE THOROUGHLY REFERENCED<<< Also this is BACHELOR UNIVERSITY level work so be careful with it and do the BEST for me. thanks