Re immunities of senior state officials applicable to jus cogens violations?

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Public International Law
(3,000 words, excluding footnotes and bibliography)
Question: Are immunities of senior state officials applicable to jus cogens violations?

Assessment criteria

Students should demonstrate the ability to:

” Assimilate the subject matter of the module.
” Apply theoretical notions to facts.
” Structure the work so that statements, arguments and conclusions flow coherently and logically.
” Use correct legal terminology.
” Make appropriate citations and references.
” Identify lacun? and contradictions in judicial and non-judicial opinions.

In grading assessments, the quality of work will be determined by reference to the following:

” Extent to which facts have been assimilated.
” Breadth of knowledge of the relevant law.
” Degree of insight into the issues.
” Level of application of the law to the issues.
” Depth of analysis, description and discussion in promoting the arguments.
” Extent to which viable innovative solutions are proposed.
” Degree to which planning and coherence is evident in the structure of the response.
” Level to which complex solutions are offered and evaluated.
” Extent to which command of English is demonstrated in a legal context.

Plagiarism is an offence and will not be tolerated.