Re mental health patients discharged too soon?

Rational: Do mental health patients feel they are adequately prepared to go back into the community following a discharge from a ward?

3. I have provided you with a research proposal template and 5 actual examples in the RESEARCH PROPOSAL folder which can be used for guidance and direction. PLEASE BE MINDFUL OF PLAGIARISM.
4. The template has a number of components which, should you decide to adopt, can be used as subheading in your essay.
5. Identify a topic and provide an academic rationale and background for your choice.
6. Formulate a research focussed question.
7. You may use either PICO or SPICE to identify key words from the question. (See Powerpoint Lecture notes on Literature search).
8. Using the Boolean Operators, You are required to carry out a literature search to find 5 primary articles. Please do NOT upload the five chosen articles
9. Inclusion and exclusion criteria should be utilised to select the five articles.
10. Carry out a literature review of the five articles. I have provided you with a literature review sample. Please bear in mind this literature review is not a dissertation. However there should be some key aspects which need to ne included like themes.
11. Identify your Research design you wish to employ for your research with justification.
12. The next step is to explore Data collection and data analysis. Explain who will collect the data and who will analyse them. How will they be analysed? Will it be thematic analysis if it is qualitative?
13. Reliability and validity. What strategies will you used to ensure that data collection and interpretation accurately reflects the phenomenon.
14. Limitation of the study
15. Resources/Budget a provide chart in appendix
16. Implication for Nursing.
17. References.
18. You should include the following as appendices.
(a) a table giving detail of the five articles in landscape format. It should have the following headings: (1) Authors of the articles and year of publication (2) Research design (3) methods (4) findings
(b) Time table of your proposed research.
(c) A letter to the ethical board requesting clearance.
(d) Budget/Resources Breakdown.
19. Finally you should include an abstract. This is usually at the beginning of the essay.

Referencing Requirements:
Harvard system.
Alphabetical order.
Predominantely Articles and Journals.