Re Nurses Able To Take A Patient History & Perform A Physical Assessment Aswell As or Better Than A Doctor

Dissertation guidelines:
I require a titles page, contents page, list of tables (i.e.inclusion & exclusion criteria), list of figures if appropriate. These do not count in the overall word count.
The dissertation needs to be broken down into 5 clear sections:
An Abstract summery of dissertaion ( 300 -500 words approx)
Chapter 1 Introduction / Background this orientates reader to the subject, states origin of the study (why it was chosen and why it requires investigation). (1500 -2000 words approx)
Chapter 2 Selection & Identification of the Evidence :
Presents search strategy and data bases searched, search terms used, to illustrate depth & breadth of search. Clarifies rationale for choice of criteria used to select and reject evidence for critical appraisal (1500 -3000 words approx)
Chapter 3 Critical appraisal of selected evidence : Identifies eidence that is relevant to the related question and critically appraises this evidence with stated criteria (e.g.reliability & validity issues. Applies the selected evidence to the question asked (3000 words approx)
Chapter 4 Conclusion & Implications : offers conclusions which address the question & which are drawn from the presented arguement. Reviews how far the evidence answers the question (1500 words approx)
Chapter 5 Plan for implementation: Offers an outline plan for implementation and dissemination. Critical discussion should demonstrate consideration of influencing factors such as the culture of the orginisation, leadership styles & change management strategies best suited to achieve the plan (1500 words approx).
I am happy to be contacted at any time by the writer to answer any questions they may have relating to this dissertaion.
I require a modified Harvard reference system based on the British standard BS 5605: 1990 Harvard System.
I am able to e-mail examples of how the university requires the references to be written (from previous assignements).
When selecting a critiquing tool for the final 3-5 papers that need to be closely critiques I had decided to use the tool found in Evidence Informed Nursing a guide for Clinical Nurses by Robert McSherry, Maxine Simmons & Pamels Abbot on pg 51 -53 as I found it simple and easy to use. If you feel another one is more appropriate I am happy for you to do this.
Please can you try to use articles and evidence that is current and dates from 1998 where possible. I have the 5 articles to critique if you would like me to send them to you or I can give you the titles of the articles.