Re plastic bags posing a great threat to our environmenti?ssolutions to plastic bags recycling.

The topic will address threats of plastic bags to our environment and give some solutions to plastic bags recycling. The dissertation will focus on three areas:
Part 1. The threats of plastic bags to our environment: what have happened and the further threats.
Data and sources will come form some environment reports on the Internet.
Part 2. What people do in the daily life?
In this part i will do a questionnaire in following questions: a. how often do you use plastic bags when shopping? b. Do you own any re-usable bags and How often do you use your re-usable bags? c. Do you support the use of fabric bags as opposed to plastic bags? d. How much would you say you know about the impact of plastic bags on the environment? e. Is your area badly affected by plastic bags and/or litter lying around? (The data of this question relate to part 1) f. do you know how to recycle plastic bags? If know, what is it?
The research will base on 50 peoples.
Part 3. Solutions to plastic bags recycling and its benefits.
a. What should government do? i.e. policy, promotion
Benefits form the policies.
b. What should manufacturer and sales doi?Y
Cost benefit analysis of solutions
c. What should people do?
Cost benefit analysis of solutions
The research will focus on UKi??but give some examples in worldwide.