Re restrictions on sugar and sugary beverages justified?

this is the rubric given by the teacher. i want to make a prezi, i just need you to write it in essay form so that i can go on from there.

This assignment is designed as a collaborative research project on a contemporary, controversial issue. The emphasis is on being able to concisely, accurately and emphatically present an opinion that is supported by facts/stats/information found in the literature.

The objectives are to:
1. Increase student participation in the learning process
2. Integrate new information into the class material
3. Encourage critical thinking on contemporary, controversial issues currently being debated in society
4. Promote oral presentation skills

Group Format:

Five students will make up each team and will make a 10-minute presentation, with 5 minutes for questions (15 minutes total), to the class. Each presentation should include: introducing the team, introducing the topic, presenting the facts and supporting information. Visual aids, such as posters, pictures, charts, PowerPoint presentations, student produced video clips, useful handouts, interactive higher-level questions, or Q & A games, must be used to augment your presentation. Everyone must have an active role in the presentation. Be innovative, attention holding, and remember to practice and know that your technology works!
The grading process is competitive. Teams with the highest scores win bonus points. Classmates will get to vote for the Best in Show! Teams with lower scores will not lose points they simply are not rewarded. Everyone that participates get at least 50 points! Failure to participate or reported lack of involvement in the process is be the only way a studentas grade can be reduced.


Each group is required to turn in a typed bibliography on presentation day, listing a minimum of three sources used to research your topic. You may use Internet sources, but make sure they are credible sources (see page 15 of Insel, Brief,13 ed.) of information about your topic that are supported with facts, not just other peopleas statements.

Time limit: Fifteen (15) minutes per group

Evaluation Guidelines (Total points50):

a? Participant introductions (5 Points)
a? Topic introduced and position stated (5 Points)
a? Content Organized (10 Points)
a? Thesis and position clearly stated (create interest)
a? Position supported with facts (compelling argument)
a? Counter-point stated (strengthens position)
a? Conclusion reinforces position
a? Evidence of team work (5 Points)
a? Time-limit respected (5)

a? Addressed audience (5 Points)
a? Audible (5 Points)
a? Made points clearly (5 Points)
a? Used visual aids appropriately (5 Points)