Re rules or principles more important to any discussion of law?

I would just like for the writer to argue whether he thinks Rules (ac according to H.L.A Hart) or Principles (as according to R.Dworkin) (mentioned in the referencing requirements) are more important to any discussion of law.

Must make an argument, cannot Sit on the fence.”

Avoid using words such as Surely, Clearly.”

Excercising independent thought is essential.

Bear in mind that the writers (Hart and Dworkin) are not Authority as case law is. (provides scope to argue)

In marking the assessed essays, the examiners give credit for:

understanding and critical consideration of the relevant literature (note: reading must go beyond the Jurisprudence textbooks, but it is not expected that a large amount of marginally relevant literature will have been read; it is preferable to read with care a limited amount of the central literature on a question than to skim a large quantity);

attention to the question, its careful interpretation, and the avoidance of irrelevance;

the presentation of persuasive arguments for the conclusions reached on the issues raised by the question (note: this means that the conclusions, and the reasons given in support of the conclusions, should be tenable, and that counter-arguments should be seriously considered; the conclusions advanced need not, of course, be those which the examiners themselves would reach);

a logical division and clearly indicated order of presentation of the answer;

clarity and precision of expression (note: it should not be necessary to emphasise that bad grammar is detrimental to an answer, but experience suggests that it may be).

It may also be noted that the quality of an essay in Jurisprudence, whatever the topic, may be enhanced if issues discussed are shown to be involved in and illustrated by particular activities and events, past and present, in human societies.

An essay should give references to any quotations it contains, and there should be a bibliography at the end. The references and the bibliography should be accurate and complete as to the names of authors, titles of works, dates of publication, and page references.
Using the Harvard Referencing system, Please use the following: H.L.A. Hart, The Concept of Law (Oxford University Press, 2nd ed, 1994), 2) R. Dworkin, Taking Rights Seriously (London: Duckworth, 1977), 3)R. Dworkin, Law s Empire (Oxford: Hart, 1998) and any other Articles and sources that the writer may consider relevant on the issue.
(The 2500 word limit must include foornotes).