Re small scale micro-finance development projects the best approach to development in Africa and/or South

typed in 12pt font in Times/Times New Roman or Arial/Helvetica fonts

At least/minimum of 6 different scholarly journals or book sources (Academic resources/peer reviewed sources only)
No textbooks, newspapers, dissertations and magazines (grey literature)

1. Introduction: What are you going to do? (ONE paragraph)
A) What is your question?

Are small-scale microfinance development projects the best approach to development in Africa OR South Asia?

B) Thesis: What is your response to/position on the question and your supporting
arguments? Must be in first paragraph

Small-scale micro-finance development projects are making a difference and can be improved upon but they are not the best approach to development in Africa or South Asia because they are not efficient compared to other methods of development

C) Layout / Map: How are you going to address the question? Summary
statement(s) about your arguments and counter-arguments
Answer these questions i?? a), b) and c) i?? in the same paragraph

2. Body
A) 2 Arguments with evidence and sources, and link them to your thesis
i?? cite authors and their ideas where relevant

Argument 1 Small-scale micro-finance development (SSMFDP) is not an efficient method to development because it is still in its growth stage and first must improve on such inefficiencies as; poorly defined goals of the program, poor program monitoring and poor coaching and consultancy services.

Argument 2SSMFDPs may provide all the resources for development but in the end it is up to the developing country to guide those resources towards development in ways that it deems best. SSMFDPs are a means to fuel development but do not themselves foster development and therefore the question of whether or not they are the best approach to development is comprimised.

B) 1 Counter argument with evidence and sources, and provide a rebuttal

Counter argument SSMFDPs are what create the environment necessary for development and therefore are vital to a countries development.
RebuttalSSMFDPs certainly contribute to the environment necessary to foster development but it is one of many contributing factors to this environment and could not be considered the primary component. Other factors crucial to a countries development would include; stable business environment (i.e low inflation rates), stable government, low crime rates (etci??)

3. Conclusion: What did you do and why should we care? (TWO paras)
A) Paragraph 1 thesis & summary: restate what your question was and what you
argued in response to the question: i??This essay addressed the question [the
question you wrote about]i?? and argued that [thesis].i?? AND tie your essayi??s key
arguments together: i??It proved this by showing ….i??

B) Paragraph 2 implications: What are the implications of your argument? What
actions should be thought about or considered? What other research needs to be

If you wish to change any of the arguments feel free to do so as long as it supports the thesis and is supported by academic resources