Re social networks a positive phenomenon?

Write as a response, as a way of entering the conversation about one of the topics (They Say I Say with readings written by Gerald Graff,p211-p304) we have read and discussed.
According to the They Say I Say text, your argument (thesis) should be a?a¦ deeply engaged in some way with other peopleas viewsa? and a?a¦demonstrate that you have something to contributea? If your thesis does this, it will likely meet the rubric expectation for thesis; which states that, a thesis should be easily identifiable, plausible, novel, sophisticated, insightful, crystal clear. You should have three parts to your thesis: A They SayYour Opinion (thesis) –something new to add.
Consider all the essays we have read (pages 211-304). What are these readings/ conversations about? What was said that you agreed with or disagreed with? As you read, what thoughts occurred to you? What passages, quotes or ideas provoked you or had you speaking back to the page?
Narrow your argument as much as possible. Do not attempt to cover the whole issue. You will have to let some ideas/arguments go, and choose only one to work with. Of course, you will need to consider and possibly mention the larger ideas from which your smaller argument was created, but keep your essay focused.
At least 2 sources from book (p211-p304).