Re Solar Panels Cost Effective in Massachusetts?

5 a 6 double spaced pages of text body
A clear, concise, specific, and provable thesis.
Sufficient support topics that necessarily develop the thesis.
Relevant evidence in support of your arguments.
Structure and Organization:
Background, hook, and thesis statement.
Paragraphs directly refer to the thesis, have own topic and support sentences, and are logically arranged and joined by transitions a at least one paragraph on each: personal, local, text, and global relationships relations.
Restates the thesis, summarizes the paper and provides reflections and insights.
Other format requirements:
title page, reference page (>5 sources)
Quantitative Analysis
Language and Style:
Correct and varied sentence structure a appropriate, specific, clear, and personal voice.
Precise and rich vocabulary a correct text term usage.
Grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
Consistent and proper use of MLA and APA including citations and reference/bibliography.