Re student loans a good idea, if so why. If not, what are other sound economic alternatives?

a required research paper as part of the evaluation process. The purpose is twofold -first, to demonstrate a studentas ability to synthesize the economic principles taught in the course and apply them to current real world situation and second, to fulfill key Employability Skills requirements found in the CIS, fundamentally, the ability to research, communicate and synthesize oneas thoughts.
On the first purpose, students will discuss through the content of the paper, some of the relevant issues of economics that were learned in class and which are demonstrated in real-world situations. In so doing, students will be required to describe the events and to explicitly demonstrate how it is a relevant example. This will be graded in the a?Connectionsa? column of the rubric.
The second purpose is for the student to demonstrate their ability to write at a level consistent with post-secondary education an academic argumentative paper. This part of the paper will generate the most marks for the assignment and will be graded on; Content (25%), Organization (20%) and Style (10%). The foundation of the rubric is the standard WRIT rubric with minor variations to fit the needs of this course.