Re suppliers important for ebusiness B2B solutions when developing?

Critically consider how important suppliers are in the development of eBusiness B2B solutions? In answering the question consider the benefits and disadvantages of B2B activity to both suppliers and buyers.Include
Consumer-orientated Auction, and Business-orientated Auction, difference between b2b and b2c, understand and analyse a broad range of applications of electronic business including eCRM, B2B, B2C, C2C and Social Networking. Needs to show understanding, with arguments for and against. identify potential issues, and apply correct theory.
Has to be completed in report structure, no more than 1500, not including appendix and harvard references.
Minumum of 6 academic sources can be used also journals, newspapers, websites, ebay cannot be used as an example or source. Use Cheechi as a source,aswell as Chaffey, D (2007) E-Business and E-Commerce Management, 3rd Edition, Pearson Education, Turban, Efriam et al. (2004). Electronic Commerce 2004: A Managerial Perspective. 3rd Edition, Prentice Hall.