Re The powers the police have to stop ,search and arrest members of the public controversial and discriminatory ? Discuss.

Case study approach
Introduction approx 200 words,

SINCE Sreven Lawrence case discuss what changes there have been to PACE and what

your rights are.since 7/7 in uk, ethnic groups different cultures are they
Discriminated? what are the recent statistics.Is there discrimination?

prior to Pace codes briefly mention deaths in police custody, interviewing etc.

What is stop and search?

What powers do the police have?

What are your rights?
look at recent statistics how many people get stopped, and the evidence why the police think its effective.

Do the police work on stereotypes?

police powers previously to Pace.

Statistics look beyond mention that some groups get missed out.
Look into terrorists they have no powers in Pace. since 9/11 and 7/7 in uk started insecurity.mention Charles Demendes,

Brief conclusion.
Harfard referencing is required.
it is essential that i receive all the references for my own revision .