Re the seven Ps really mutually dependent? See below for full essay title…

Are the seven Ps really mutually dependent?
The marketing mix is a very simple concept, widely accepted as being of high utility
in the management of the marketing function. Critically discuss the inter
relationships between the seven Ps of the services marketing mix. Are the seven
Ps really mutually dependent as some observers would maintain, or can each of the
Ps be managed independently of the others? Use relevant examples to illustrate
your points of views where necessary.

II. Additional coursework requirements
Other coursework requirements for your marketing plan are as follows:
It should contain a title page
It should contain a table of contents (use build-in command within Word
processor to insert Table of Contents)
Use appropriate level of headings for sections, chapters.
The body text must be between 2,500 words in length
It should include Harvard style references for all cited works, and a
bibliography at the end of the text. The Undergraduate Handbook gives
more details regarding the format.
It should be clearly written in an academic style, with an introduction and
clearly defined sections
It should be spellchecked and grammar checked.