Re the solutions presented in Browns book reliable ?

Singled spaced, 12 front

Write a critique of Lester R. Brownas assigned book for this class, World on the Edge. Your critique should include what you see to be the strong points of the book supported by at least two outside sources. It should also include what you perceive to be the weak points of Brownas argument with at least two outside sources cited in support. Citations are required for your outside sources. Your paper should end with your position on the viability of Brownas plan to save the planet plainly stated. I am looking for a clear analysis of both the strengths and weaknesses of Brownas work wrapped up nicely with your opinion. I expect you to incorporate the knowledge we have gained in this class up until now a in other words please refer back to concepts around theory and history to make your points clear. Include the fallowing;the trading triangle, the 4 laws of Ecology & Economic Production and the capitalism counter, 3 requirements for sustainability,3 types of environmental movements, define pluralist policy making, plural elitism,state autonomy theory, issue networks,economic elite theory