Re the use of silver coated urethral catheters effective in reducing infection in long term catheterised patients

Module Aims
a?Enable students to undertake independent study on a topic of the studentas choice.
a?It is a
a?Critical enquiry into an aspect of service delivery and/or interprofessional development.
Learning Outcomes
a?Undertake focussed searches of bibliographic sources for a research on a clearly defined topic of relevance to interprofessional practice
a?Use relevant criteria to critically analyse contemporary, relevant published literature
a?Apply the findings from a range of research studies that evaluate current interprofessional practice to produce a written piece of work
Individual Study
a?A critical analysis and evaluation of the body of literature relevant to a specific work place situation in order to deepen knowledge and understanding of the main issues and theoretical underpinnings.
a?This essay explores all relevant perspectives, demonstrates personal development and proposes reasoned, practical responses applicable to the workplace. (4,000 words)
What does this mean?
a?Systematic: explicit rigorous methods of searching, critiquing and synthesising the literature
a?a?A systematic review strives to identify comprehensively and track down all the available literature on a topic, whilst describing a clear comprehensive methodology.a (Mulrow, et, al. 1997)

Critical Appraisal
a?A process by which the quality of evidence is assessed.
a?This requires searching the literature and assessing the strengths and limitations of the evidence you have found.
a?Distinguish the type of research papers, from empirical findings, present discussion or expert opinion.
What does this mean?
a?Identify, critically appraise and synthesise relevant studies in order to answer a predefined question
a?Develop a comprehensive searching strategy
a?Inclusion and exclusion criteria of evidence
a?Critique selected papers, validity, reliability, bias
a?Synthesis and evaluation of your findings
Synthesise your Findings
a?Summing up the evidence and interpret the results/findings
a?a?produce a new and integrative interpretation of findings that is more substantive than those resulting from individual investigation.a
Assessment grading criteria: Level 6