Re the virtues of justice, prudence, and beneficences suffient for a good life?


Intro: topic, issue discussing, view you will be considering, conclusion you will reach.

Adam Smiths View: Clearly state his view on the issue. Write as if your audience is someone unfamiliar with philosophy. Keep separate from your own position on the issue.

Critisim of Smiths View:

Your Position: state and argue your position on issue. Should be alternative view from view you critizied. Use examples, be sure to argue for it. Why is your position correct?

Conclusion: Briefly summarize what has been said, make clear what you have argued for, and perhaps indicate in closing some other connections we might think about.

All of the titles with a : following are the headings of each paragraph (that part not mla) title of paragraph

THE SOURCE IS THE BOOK, How Adam Smith Can Change Your Life