Re there benefits to attending a single-sex school?

# It is an ARGUMENT essay; so the essay must be based on arguments
# I need a NON-NATRVIE SPEAKER to write up the essay (as Im not a native)
# The reference and the style is VANCOUVER SYSTEM
# NO PLAGIARISM, paraphrasing is important
# YOUR OPINION must be provided in each body paragraph, however, DONT write it in a direct way, MAKE IT FORMAL AND NOT DIRECT
# There are some sources need to be used at least few information (I will provided below), also you can use other sources as you feel it is necessary to support both argument
# The introduction will be also provided below, you can add somethings or take somethings off as you feel necessary
# For the body pargraphs you can do it as you want, but try to support both sides that single-sex schools are beneficial and that co-education is beneficial and also their pros then the opinion, you can do them as you feel better, but remember ARGUING IS IMPORTANT

The resource that you need to use from:



+ You can use more sources to provide all points and arguments

The introduction:
Nowadays, Studying and getting higher marks are becoming more essential than ever. Universities and work places are putting higher requirements in order to classify the best, as there are many applicants. To achieve high results you need to choose the best environment for you, but as everyone is different so do the environment of individuals, however, attending single-sex or opposite-sex schools have a great impact on studentsa performance and even the way they socialize. It is debated that if same sex schooling is more beneficial than mix schooling, despite that, boys and girls in single-sex schools tend to perform better. This essay will argue whether the advantages of same sex schooling outweigh the disadvantages.

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