Re there enough initiatives currently running to develop respect to UK football officials?

from this essay, i need you to look at the current initatives that the FA and UEFA have put out there. From this, try and find any opinions of how they are going and if they are working. Furthermore, look at the last couple of seasons and review those initatives that were implimented and if the worked etc

I will also require you to look at discipline reports from the FA ( and review the figures and show this in graphs (pie charts/bar charts) you need to look at things such as cautions/red cards, male/female, different age groups, midweek matches/weekend matches etc (a full review please)

use the cross sectional theory and base it around the time period of when the recession came into the country as this is when discipline started to decrease.

I will also look at the past refereeing instances and this will fall under the category of archival research. From this, I will be able to look at the problems back then and see how much they have developed.