Re there psychological effects of parental absence on children?

Please explore the topic in an impartial way using sufficient research to adequately explore the topic. Clearly and fairly summarize the research. Synthesize the ideas of others into the paper, show how the subject is interesting, problematic and important. Explain why your questions are not easily answered. Use language and style appropriate to the subject and audience. Write a first-person, chronologically organized narrative account of your exploratory research and thinking process as you investigate your problematic questions about the topic. Please explore the question rather than state a thesis. These are the MANDATORY SOURCES to be used for this exploratory research paper: SOURCE 1: African American grandchildren raised in grandparent-headed families: An exploratory study (source: The Family Journal, Vol 19(4), Oct, 2011. pp. 396-406); SOURCE 2: Long-term perspectives on parental absence (source: Straight and devious pathways from childhood to adulthood. Robins, Lee N. (Ed.); Rutter, Michael (Ed.); pp. 116-134. New York, NY, US: Cambridge University Press, 1990. xix, 389 pp) Sources found using PsycINFO database.