Re todays alternatives to cigarette smoking actually any safer than smoking?

This is a paper about the fact that tobacco/cigatette companies face pressure today to find and offer safer alternatives to smoking, but are any of these 3 main alternatives (1.chewing tobacco, 2.snus 3.electronic cigarettes) really any safer? Afterall, they want to sell tobacco, or they go out of business. From a business perspective: Compare the pros and cons of each alternative to cigarettes, and compare the business models of each to the regular cigarette company business model.Are any of these tobacco product alternatives becoming widely acceptable to the consumer, and are any of the alternative business models proving to be successful? Or, is simply smoking, and /or the use of any tobacco in any way simply harmful period, despite what the tobacco companies claim. *Requirements of the paper:It must contain an introduction, a developed body and a conclusion or (summary)–the topic should be subject to at least a 3 level sub-heading. Use appropriate major and minor headings to divide the major sections of the paper. It must use the 6th edition APA style for citing. Use quality sources. Double space, 1 inch all around margins, 12 pitch font. Length should be approx 12 pages (up to 14)-excluding the cover page and references page(s).Cite at least 10 references sources.Periodical and journal sources obtained through the web will be cited as from other library sources. No titled subject reference will be cited without the authors names. References must be no older than 5 years. Must be a balance between journal articles and books as reference sources. Thank you….