Re traffic cameras an invasion of privacy?

This week you will create an outline for your paper. To do this, you will create a thesis statement and then you will use your supporting points to build the body of the paper. To finish the outline, you will include a conclusion.

Dont forget, a thesis statement is comprised of the following:

Your opinion + 3 supporting points.

In addition, you will need to place your counterargument and refute in any of the three main sections. You have three options:

1) Place these the counterarguments in the introduction and save the final refute for the conclusion
2) Introduce counterarguments before or immediately after your subtopic and then place the argument for your point immediately after (this is like a tennis match)
3) Save the counterargument and the refute for the conclusion.

I. Introduction

a. Thesis Statement

II. Topic Sentence: Supporting Point 1

a. details/examples

b. details/examples

c. details/examples

III. Topic Sentence: Supporting Point 2

a. details/examples

b. details/examples

c. details/examples

IV. Topic Sentence: Supporting Point 3

a. details/examples

b. details/examples

c. details/examples

V. Conclusion

Choice 1: Summarize ideas

Choice 2: Summarize ideas

and personalize

Choice 3: Summarize ideas

Relate topic to new ideas

Week 4 Outline

Females on Submarines

I. The history of the U.S. Navy submarine service and legislation allowing females to begin

serving on submarines.

A. Thesis Statement. The U.S. Navy shouldnat allow females to serve on submarines

because of the design, medical capabilities, and performance of other countries that have

female submariners.

II. Design of submarines does not support mixed gender crews.

A. Berthing Design and sleeping conditions.

B. Ship design, privacy, and passageway design.

C. Operation of submarines.

III. Submarines do not have the proper medical conditions for females.

A. Submarine Corpsman qualification and capabilities.

B. Statistics of females having a higher rate of illness and disease.

C. Pregnancy concerns of females.

IV. Other countries including Sweden, Norway, Australia, and Canada have had successes and

failures of females serving on submarines.

A. Career progression and manning of females submariners in foreign countries.

B. Type of submarines and operational differences.

C. Inequalities between mixed gender crews.

V. Conclusion. Summarize ideas and personalize based on my experiences as a submariner in

the U.S. Navy.
. Week 4: Discussion .For this paper, you will need to create a thesis statement. Please
share your thesis statement and help your classmates with revisions