Re we beginning to see a shift in the balance of power from the USA to China? What are the likely international security implications?

Ted C. Fishman, China Inc, How the rise of the next superpower challenges America and the World”, Scribner, 2005

Oded Shekner, The Chinese Century, The rising Chinese economy and its impact on the global economy, the balance of power, and your job”, Wharton School Publishing, 2005

Constantine C. Menges, China, The Gathering Threat”, Nelson Current, 2005

Please also refer to 2005 US Dept of Defense report to Congress on China.

Please refer to any CIA or Economist assessments on China during 2005.

Please refer to any International Relations journal articles on Chinas rise during 2005 from sources such as Foreign Affairs Journal etc…

Please explore if the threat from China has been exaggerated by many policy officials in the USA. Is this deliberate? Please consider current US Foreign policy towards China and Chinas position towards the US. (Will probably need to refer to the Taiwan issue and the increasing presence of US forces in the pacific region e.g. South Korea. How secure does China feel? What about its neighbours e.g. Japan, Singapore, India etc…

Please explore if the biggest threat to regional and international security will be if Chinas economic growth fails. Will probably need to refer to Chinas internal challenges to maintain current levels of growth and satisfy growing demands of its people. Can the Chinese Government maintain communist control as its economy becomes more and more capitalist?

Please examine the theory of the balance of power and assess whether there is any real evidence that China will become a superpower to rival the USA. Is there any evidence that Chinas economy will overtake the USA? Compare and contrast China;s military spending and capabilities with those of the USA. Is China really a threat to US interests?

Most research material is all American/European focused. Any reference to Chinese academics on this dissertation subject would be greatly appreciated and make for a much better balanced essay.
Please quote references at page footer and include in bibliography towards end of dissertation.