Re We Free, or Are Our Actions Determined?

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Topic : . Are We Free, or Are Our Actions Determined? Describe, analyze, and evaluate the answer you think best from (1) DaHolbach, (2) James and/or Haidt, or (3) Sartre. Be sure to consider both supporting reasons for the view you choose and reasons that challenge that answer. In your analysis consider the opposing argument of one of the philosophers listed. (See Weston, Rules 32 & 37 on objections to an argument.) Feel free to be creative and to bring in relevant examples, including aspects of your own life, if you wish.

Format: You may want to structure your paper in this way (but you certainly may choose some other organizational structure):
az? First paragraph: Give background information on your topic and state your thesis (which is your answer to the question asked above) as well as giving a brief map that will indicate the direction of your paper. You may (but are not required) to also state the argument of the philosopher you support in standard form here, with two or at most three premises and a conclusion, following examples in Weston.
az? Body paragraphs: (a) Introduce and develop your main points, providing support for each point. (b) Anticipate likely objections to your argument and respond to them.
az? Concluding paragraphs: Bring your argument to a logical conclusion.